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Welcome to the home for the Areaone IRC Daemon. This implementation of the standard ircd protocol includes several key enhancements and changes, which makes it ideal for use on Areaone.

All IRCd code is maintained by dave,

Areaone IRCd is based off of the Twilight IRCd, used mainly on the Darkfire IRC Network. Twilight is based on dreamforge, and so on.

Areaone IRC Network
For more information on the Areaone IRC network, please visit or point your irc client to

June 2, 2002 8:19 pm: Areaone-1.3.0 is in development. New features include Zlib compression, Capability based negotiation, and others. It is important to realize that 1.3.0 is not compatable with any previous version of the Areaon IRCd, nor (most likely) with any other IRCd available. You may not yet link 1.3.0 to the Areaone IRC network. Version 1.3.0.b1 is currently in development and available via cvs.
Areaone IRCd is constantly being updated and changed. CVS use is encouraged, but not recommended for use on servers unless stability is confirmed by dave immediately before checking out source. CVS is always useful for developing and test, of course. To browse the CVS repository, hosted by, please visit

To create a CVS tree which may be updated, at your convenience, using cvs update, use the following command (*nix):

cvs -z3 co areaone

For more information, news, forums, etc. on Areaone IRC Daemon, please visit the home on, here. SourceForge Logo
Images on this site were designed by Darkj, used with permission. Content and code are Copyright © 2002, Dave. All rights reserved. Areaone IRCd is released under the GNU GPL v2 or later. Intended and designed for use on For more information, email